Visit the famous National Park of Andasibe and see the legendary Indri Indri. Andasibe Perinet village is found at 4h drive through the national road N°2 to the center east. On route we will visit the fascinating park owned by the peyrieras family, to see endemic reptiles such as cockerel’s Sifaka, and Chameleons, butterflies, tenrecs, Gecko, Tree Boas, and crocodiles. The Mantadia National Park was created in 1989 and covers 15,480 hectares, most of which is covered by a dense evergreen humid forest. You will hike into the rainforest which is rich in endemic animals including the smallest lemur called Mouse, the mysterious Aye-Aye, as well as endemic species like amphibians, birds, and Plants.

If you are in the capital of Antananarivo and have one full day (12hrss) before your next flight or just need to find yourself in a bit of Madagascar wildlife and forest, then this visit to Andasibe Mantadia National Park is recommended for you. The tour includes a visit to Vakona reserve where you will able to have contact with lemur species including the Ring Tails known as King Juliana by doing a canoe excursion. If you have extra time, why not stay in the area for more days and enjoy the park for a few days?

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You can start this trip directly from the airport, or else after a quick freshen up. First, we travel to Andasibe village that found at 4 hrs drive east of Tana fallowing the national road N°2 for 4hrs. By evening 6:30 pm, start your night safari to see those animals that are active only at night. Overnight at Lemur’s Lodge Hotel in bed & breakfast.


7:00 Am-Leave to visit Mantandia forest area of Madagascar. Early visits assure sighting opportunities of lemurs in active for breakfast. This forest area mainly consists of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. We can hike 3-5 hours through this rainforest. Enjoy the wildlife in this park including more than 5 species of lemurs. You may see the biggest lemur, named "indri -Indri" and hear their loud voice that hear from 4 -5km distance. We will drive you to Vakona Forest Lodge, where you can meet the lemurs on their own private island. Canoe excursion to see King Juliana, also known as Ring Tails (Lemur Catta), and have contact with other lemur species as well. Overnight at the same Hotel in bed & breakfast.


8:00Am -Today, after your breakfast, drive back smoothly on the same road to Antananarivo. On the route, we can stop at Madagascar Exotic, which is a privately run reserve at Marozevo and is situated between the towns of Manjakandriana and Moramanga. This happens to be a very popular tourist spot, so make your day memorable! Catch sights of different reptiles, butterflies, moths, and insects here. Then keep driving to reach the capital. We will drop you at the airport two hours before your flight. End of our services!