TYPE: Adventure – camping – canoe river trip


AVAILABILITY: April up to November 


  • Discovery of the culture of the Menabe region.
  • Jump into the blue lagoon at Nosinampela waterfall.
  • 2 Nights of Camping is an extraordinary bush experience.
  • Visit Kirindy Forest National Park and Baobab allee with Sunset.
  • Journey down on Tsiribihina river, cook and test the local foods
  • The incredible landscape and original encounters along the river.


  • Midrange Hotels with breakfast
  • Canoe rent with camping materials
  • Tax -Parking, and fuel during the tour.
  • Private car and driver accommodation
  • Park entrance and obligatory local guide
  • A full charge on the river (meals, camping)

The tour is possible to do by motorboat and is available on request. It also can combine with Tour to Tsingy of Bemaraha national park if you have 3days extra.


This wild adventure canoe ride tour onTsiribihina River Tour- will give you a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the western coast and the adventure of cruising down the river by traditional wood canoe.  The Tour starts in Antananarivo a long drive from Antananarivo following the national road N° 7, passing by Antsirabe town and then to Miandrivazo village where the start of the Tsiribihina River trip is. Here is also the place to prepare all we need (meals, drinks, camping materials, boatman with canoe pirogue, taxes). Be ready with your sun cream, mosquito spray, sleeping bag, swimming suit, sandals, hat/cap, and all you may need during this 3days camping river trip.

The next day, you will drive to Masiakampy village for 1hr where you will start the canoe ride from Mahajilo river. A few hours from here, you’ll journey down the Tsiribihina river with our expert staff by traditional wood canoe, through a nice village on the riverside; experience camping, spot the amazing viewpoint at Tsiribihina river gorge then jump into the natural waterfall, natural lagoon known as Anosinampela, and spot the wildlife such as Lemurs and river birds.  You will have an opportunity to visit the local fisherman’s village. Note that all food will cook on the way and the tour guide will be your local cooker on the boat, so you are in full charge during the river trip on Tsiribihina, but feel free to let us know in advance if have allergic to foods or vegetarian. After our 3 days river descent on the river, we then across by Zebu car that will transport us to join the village of Antseraraka where we will spend the night at basic bungalow. Meet our private car with the driver then drive off-road for at least 3 hours to reach Kirindy Forest. You will see endemic wildlife including 2 species of lemurs, 50 reptile species, and fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox). Inspire the good moment of sunset at Baobab allee (Avenue de Baobab) before heading out to Morondava town. From here you will take your national flight back to Tana, but we also provide car rental depending on your requirement to drive back to Antananarivo.

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