The most impressive tour, starts from Diego Suarez city, through the Amber Mountain National Park, including the Emarald sea.

Duration: 12 hrs

Activities: Visit Amber Montaine National park -Emerald sea – Diego Suarez city tour. 

Type: Adventure road trip – Sea activities- Nature & Wildlife –  Culture & History.

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The most impressive tour of the northern region, starts from Diego Suarez city, through the Amber Mountain National Park. To see this Farwest-style scenery and enjoy the tour comfortably, then we’ll use a comfortable private car to take a road trip down the winding roads to the north. The red tsingy is distinguished by landscapes of red earth. You will discover an incredible pastel and blood-red decor here stratified in rock gradients and photogenic panoramas of rocks. Diego Suarez is the launch point for some of Madagascar’s most beautiful national parks and beaches, and we pack in the best value around into a single day.
7:00 Am:  Diego Suarez – Amber Montagne national park.
 After I pick you up from our agreed location, we will drive through Amber Montagne national park. 
This national park consists of a primary forest at 1470m above sea level, rich in endemic species, many waterfalls, crater lakes are the sources of wealth in the water.
 This park is the cradle of reptiles, birds, ferns, and focus, the presence of the smallest chameleon in the world, the Brookesia, and many more.
 -Drive out from Amber after 3hrs guided visit to reach the Ramena village 
 On the way, you spot a nice view of the rice farm, and green landscape, during our 2hrs drive.
-Take the sailing boat for 1hr to reach the EMERALD SEA where you will relax and taste the local fresh sea fruits.

03:00 Pm –Drive back to Diego Suarez and take a tour to explore the city of Diego Suarez including local markets and colonial story.

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