Looking for reliable Car rental services ?

We at Friendly Tour Guide Company, provide private and comfortable- Car rental Services to any destination around Madagascar. Whether, for your self-planned trip, work mission, Business Travel…Etc.

We want you to feel confident and safe when you’re ready to travel. Our service is characterized by great flexibility and creativity in designing custom itineraries and vacation packages to your personal budget and liking, considering all special requirements you may have.

The safety of everyone is very important to us. So, we make sure that all of our Car rentals are well-prepared in order to guarantee the customers’ comfort and security.

Please, check your desired car below and book in advance your car with the driver:


BUS 100 $ A DAY Seat: 10 to 22 People Consumer: 20L /100 km


Mini-Van 70 $ A DAY Seat: 1 to 5 People Consumer: 14 L /100 km


4WD 50 $ A DAY Seat: 1- 4 People Consumer: 14 L /100 km


4×4 60 $ A DAY Seat: 1- 5 People Consumer: 14 L /100 km


If you book only Car rent /driver at FTGM, then the Fuel (Gas) during the trip is in charge of the customers. We provide Full tank from the beginning of your rent and you also might charge a refueling service fee on return.

We are fully aware that the quality of our service doesn’t only depend on the exceptionally low prices we offer but also on the high level of service provided by my Team. The driver is our company representative and will fix any mechanical issue on the route. In case of damage or big problem of the car, we will provide the different car in same or higher level deliver to your place within 12hrs.

If you require any further information or assistance or advice on renting land transportation from us, then please email at friendlytourguidemada@gmail.com.

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