The “Firaisan-kina is one of the characters that differentiate the Malagasy. It is essential that solidarity (unanimity) is present in all the countries of the world but for the Malagasy people, it is a basis of our existence. There is a lot of evidence showing the union of the Malagasy people, but let me tell you a few of them:

Since Madagascar really loves their culture and it is in this word that it shows their union of forces and souls. In almost all Malagasy traditions (ceremony, funeral, marriage, circumcision, exhumation) cannot only be practiced without the whole community, one of the ethnic groups, and family groups. Almost every person has their task for the performance of traditional rites or ceremonies (singers for ritual songs, traditional dancers, young people for difficult tasks, and elderly people for blessing in Kabary). We have the proverb which says “Izay mitambatra vato, izay misaraka fasika “, it means that “those who separate are sands and those who join are stones” it wants to show that unity is strength.

Not only in the are ​​tradition but also in everyday life, the Malagasy people show their unions by doing what is called “Valin-Tanana” to help each other in cultivation, they have done jobs on time and in turn, they did the work of everyone in the group. It also shows that the Malagasy people are specifically linked and united in their body and their soul.

  • The joy of living

The majority of visitors to Madagascar often commented on the joy of life of the Malagasy population. Especially the people of the countryside, they have their especially happiness features and the smile always on the face. They showed it by their warm welcome and their love between them and especially to foreigners or visitors.

Despite the difficulty of life caused by poverty and the lack of infrastructure for their daily needs, nature and biodiversity give peace in their hearts. Also, almost organic and fresh foods make Malagasy strong and have a happy life.

  • The Peace/ Reconciliation

Despite the change of mentality caused by the evolution of technologies and the imitation of foreign cultures by the Malagasy people, Madagascar has a personal character that shows its kindness of heart. The Fihavanana : This word of Malagasy origin has a sense of reconciliation and also of the family line.

In the first sense, the Malagasy people must be reconciled at any time after having had an argument, misunderstandings, or even cruel acts if the other was evidence of regret. This happens in almost all areas, politics (national reconciliation), ethnic groups to ethnic groups, there are rituals (sacrifice of zebu as an offering sacrifice of a rooster as an offering), from one person to another

In a second sense, for the Malagasy even if the peoples are divided into 18 ethnic groups, we consider that all from the same family or the same ancestor so it is taboo to do something bad to another or to betray someone because that it means hurting your own family.That mentality has been inherited from different generations and even can see in the present day.

The proof of  that,the Malagasy have a proverb say “Aleo very tsikalakalam-bola toy izay very tsikalakalam-pihavanana“, this proverb means that for us, it is “better to lose tons of gold than to lose a Friends or someone line“. It shows the love and friendship that exist in Malagasy society.

This is why we have chosen the name of our company ’’FRIENDLY ’’, to make our customers feel through our dedication that how this loving character is innate in us.
Our goal is to work wholeheartedly to share with others our originality so that your stay will be unforgettable and you will know the all characters in detail.