This Potential Tour starts from the capital city of Antananarivo and then drives through the center East to Andasibe where you will be surrounded by nature and wildlife, lemurs species include Indri-indri, reptiles, and animals in their natural home. Cross to Ampefy village where you will be in the middle of the volcanic area, covered by the local field and highland tribe small village. This Tour is recommended for those who love quiet & calm, inspire by the countryside view, curious about the local culture and old stories. The visit includes all attractions and visits at Ampefy village including Geyser, Lily Waterfall, ilots de la verge, and more. At the end of our course, we will drive you to visit the central capital city of Antananarivo and walk through Analakely to Independence Avenue before transferring you back to your hotel.



7: 00 am – The driver & guide will join you from your Hotel near Ivato Airport.
First, we travel to Andasibe village found a 4 hrs drive east of Tana following the national road N°2. You will admire and spot the fields with a high land small village.

-Upon arrival, we will visit directly the Analamazaotra national park; a guided walk where you will spot the biggest lemur that lives in the wild which is Indri-Indri, and other 13 species such as Golden Sifaka, Brown fronted, red-bellied, Wooly, Grey Bamboo, black and white ruffed lemurs. You will discover the endemic plants and many kinds of orchid species, and birds as well during the hike.

 Break for lunch at a local restaurant.

We will continue to VAKONA for lunch at the restaurant and spot the lemur on their private island where you will able to see 4species of them

such as Black and white ruffed lemur, Brown fronted, Cute Bamboo the smallest day-active lemur, and also doing the canoe excursion where you will see the rarest but most popular lemur called King Juliana.

By evening 6:30 pm, start your night safari to see those animals that are active only at night.

Overnight at Lemur’s Lodge with breakfast.


Early breakfast at the restaurant.

7: 30 Am – Drive back on the same road to Tana. We will stop to visit the fascinating park owned by the priers family,

to see cockerel’s Sifaka, Chameleons, and many other reptiles, and some other Malagasy animals such as butterflies, tenrecs, Gecko, tree Boa, and crocodiles. Watch the chameleon being fed in their garden.

Back on the main road to reach the capital center then continue for 4hrs more on national road  N° 1 to Ampefy, break on route for landscape pictures if wanted.

Cross for a little break at Ampefy cold water Geyser site where people go for skincare with mud and swim in the pool rich in goods.

We will arrive at your hotel in the late afternoon.

Night at Farihy Hotel with breakfast.


Breakfast at the restaurant!

Today we will take you to visit the nice view of Ampefy called ‘ILOT DE LA VIERGE’.

Back after the visit to reach the village for lunch before heading out to Lily waterfall located 1hrs drive from the village.

Here you can swim in the waterfall or just have a nice picture and learn the local village storytelling from the local guide native there.

Back for lunch and the rest of the day at your leisure.

Overnight at the same Hotel with breakfast.


Breakfast at the restaurant.

Morning at your leisure on the front of the lake.

The hotel provides lake activities with canoe or fishing so you can book it with them directly.

Back on the same road for 4hrs to reach the hotel in Antananarivo city!

You will arrive at your hotel in the late afternoon and say good bay to the staff!


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