My full name is Danielos Tony, I am a national tour guide operator since 2012. After working with different Travel companies and traveling with tourists for several years around Madagascar, I can say I know my country very well. Since that time my passion as a Tourist Guide leads me to create my own company named Friendly Tour Guide in order to better help many travelers and facilitate their stays in my country and also to provide jobs and direct advantage to the local community.

Friendly Tour Guide -Madagascar is a stat-approved local Tour operator and car hire company as a travel specialist based in Antananarivo since 2017. Our flexible and creative work processes enable us to design quality and personalized services for our clients. For this, we are not ashamed to serve humbly and to be professionalized in the tourism sector.

Currently, Friendly Tour Guide Madagascar provides the following services around Madagascar:

Customized tours, based on the travel goals of the client: City tours, Excursions, Short-stay tours, Long-stay tours, Guided park tours, Wildlife encounters, River Trip /camping, Local history guides, Transportation Services, Logistics, and accommodation

We believe that traveling and sightseeing are a lot more fun if you are not just a tourist, but you also get to know the locals. And making friends while discovering new places very often makes your stay a uniquely personal experience that you will never forget. We want to show you all the famous, well-known sights, but also some of those hidden corners and details that only the local people know. The testimonials of our former clients are assets for us to assure you of our quality of service. Because many have come back often. Simply, because they really appreciated our services and we became friends…..!


We are always online 24hr/7 to respond to any inquiries

We strive for excellence in quality, integrity, and value in all that we do.

We’re committed to offering competitive value-for-money tours with high-level services in order to achieve total client satisfaction.

The company’s priority is the well-being of its customers and each member of our company is focused on this direction.


Our objective is to provide quality tours and safe trips for adventurous travelers. Our marketing plan is to promote our select tours through https://friendlytourguidemadagascar.com/, and third-party sites like Tripadvisor, TourHQ, Expedia, SoGuide, Tours by Locals, and more. We also will continue to promote through social media on Facebook and Instagram. With these, we will show our commitment to providing quality custom trips on time and on budget, prioritize customer satisfaction at all times, and show our commitment to supporting local businesses, parks, and other tourism in a sustainable way

To reach that goal, we are open to any collaboration with international tour agencies/Tour operators that are willing to promote Madagascar as a tourist destination.

OUR VALUES: We apply honesty and transparency in all our dealings with clients and suppliers alike. We will be your trusted friendly local guide to help you get a lifetime memorable trip.

If you have special requests or if you want to have an unforgettable memory for your stay in Madagascar whether with your friends or your family! Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time via Whatsapp, Email, as I & my team will be happy to get back to you immediately and help you in all situations. 

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