Friendly Tour Guide -Madagascar is a legal Inbound Tour operator and car rental company managed by the Malagasy national Local Tour guide as a travel specialist based in Antananarivo since 2017.

Our Services are focused on:

Car Rental, Packages Tours, Tailor-made vacations – Guiding & Excursions, school educational trips, National flight booking, Luxury private boat/ flight rent, and more. We are able to offer our customers and our partner the right destination to explore Madagascar safely.

We are those who are not ashamed to serve humbly and to be professionalized in the tourism sector. Our marketing plans showcase the best Madagascar has to offer (endemic species, natural wonders, and more).

We also offer cultural tours, adventure tours, and special interest tours which include hikes, river tours, city tours, eco-tours, food Tour, honeymoons, Camping tours, Kayak tours, family trips, and the opportunity to see different endemic wildlife & nature,  National Park, etc.

We all will be with you every step of the way, from your first inquiry online to right through to welcoming you back from your holiday.


We are always online 24hr/7 to respond to any inquiries

We strive for excellence in quality, integrity, and value in all that we do.

We’re committed to offering competitive value-for-money tours with high-level services in order to achieve total client satisfaction.

The company’s priority is the well-being of its customers and each member of our company is focused on this direction.


Friendly Tour Guide Madagascar’s objectives are :

to be the first traveler’s choice for Madagascar destination

to protect and save the environment, endemic wildlife& nature

to support the local’s culture by providing jobs and free training

to support local businesses, parks, and other tourism in a sustainable way.

To reach that goal, we are open to any collaboration with international tour agencies/Tour operators that are willing to promote Madagascar as a tourist destination. Actually, our marketing plan is to promote our select tours through our website and third-party sites like Trip advisor, TourHQ, Expedia, SoGuide, Tours by Locals, and more. We also will continue to promote through social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


We apply honesty and transparency in all our dealings with clients and suppliers alike. We will be your friend than a guide to let you travel safely and show you all the hidden gems of the real  Madagascar.

There’s no doubt tourism is fantastic for a local community.

Here is the some of how our company helps its local community:

Social advantages: Besides the revenue, there are also cultural advantages to tourism. It is a source of pride for local communities and allows them to look at their history and cultural heritage. This helps the local residents to maintain their traditions and culture, while also showcasing it to all visitors.

Employment: One of the first things the business do is hires the staff. There are open positions for tour guides, coach services, language teachers, accountants, and drivers. We support our local communities by hiring locals and sourcing goods and products locally.

We are here to help in all situations!


STAT: 300 415 7249

RCS N°: A 00351 Tana I

NIF: 79120 11 2020 005 107

EMAIL:  friendlytourguidemada@gmail.com


HEAD OFFICE: IVN 87 EE 67Ha Nord Ouest -Antananarivo -101.

Info line(Whatsapp): (+261) 34 16 139 57

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